One Resolution - Live Life


Is it now OK to stop wishing everyone  "Happy New Year"? Life seems to have returned to its pre-holidays rhythm; the larder is exhausted of its festive stocks of chocolate, cheese and alcohol; and New Year's resolutions are ... well how are they going? Our local running clubs all have over-subscribed Couch-to-5K groups and we anticipate great success for them. 2015 will see many more people taking up running - seizing a bit of control over their health in the cheapest, most attainable yet powerful way. The usual winter maladies will get in the way, but if motivation is sufficiently strong and non-judgemental support is available, then progress is there to be made, whether for beginner or seasoned runner. The main stumbling block might be your own little internal judgemental elf, full of derision for missing a training session or for giving in to the call of the cookie. We can be too hard on ourselves. Perfection is unattainable, and probably rather boring. Let's just ask ourselves to enjoy what we have, truly, properly enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that we can move our bodies and take pleasure in moving them just a wee bit faster, higher or over new terrain. Enjoy each lungful of reviving air. Enjoy rain on our face, snow crunching under each footfall, pushing against a strong wind, the sight of a rainbow, the changing light. Afterwards enjoy the cosiness of a clean fleece top and dry shoes. Chuck out the clothes you don't like much but keep wearing as you're saving your favourites for "best". Savour meals off your best crockery. Either enjoy your vices or give them up. We're not aiming for a saintly life - just one truly lived.