Sod The Golden One


Fake tan, coiffed hair and cleavage on display he stands above challenging us to dare trying a run, stretch or jump. We try, are told that 80% are doing it wrong but, no, he won't tell us which 80% or what we can do to improve. He moves on to the next activity and the process is repeated. One by one we grow demoralised - how could we dare to think that we could do anything other than timidly shuffle our bodies? Our shoulders slump, our backs weaken as we yield to the imposed belief that exercise & running are not for the likes of us - only for the likes of him. So ends the lesson from the PE god. Have you met one? Male or female they probably hit puberty early and got used to being the fastest or strongest. They saw a glittering sports career ahead until late bloomers caught up and over took them. Vanity and desire for physical domination persist, but they can't directly deliver sporting success so they do the next best thing - they instruct. 

These guys are rare. In 20 years of teaching and evaluating would-be communicators I never met a teacher or student who conformed to this description. As a club athlete (of many years) I've only met one such aberration. 

Don't let them inform your opinion of your ability, physique or goals. With hard work you can achieve whatever you aspire to. It doesn't matter if your dynamic warm-up looks like a toddler on a sugar-rush. It doesn't matter if you can't feel tension when you do a hamstring stretch - it could be that the muscle isn't tight. If you are getting faster, or running further, or training for longer without injury, then you are being successful. If you are managing to train despite work and other commitments, then you are being successful. If they, that golden one, has made you waver, trodden upon your self-esteem and demeaned your goals, then they are unsuccessful. Sod them.

Disclaimer. This Golden One as described is a fictional character.