My Mojo Running - What? Why? Who?

Why? Whilst there's lots of advice out there and many apps to help runners keep records of mileage and routes, there's a distinct lack of focus upon managing running in the long term as part of a busy life and against challenges like chronic illness and getting older. 

What? "My Mojo" gives you timeline displays of training and health that help you see what might be holding you back, what factors help you make progress and to identify patterns that affect you. (Do you sleep better or worse after a long run? If you over-work all week, do you have a slow race time at the weekend? If your mood is low, is it better improved by a steady run with friends or a demanding set of reps?) Data entry is very quick and easy; data display is elegant and exceptional - just like you!


Who? Mainly Mojo Running and the "My Mojo" web-app are products of the slightly crazed imagination and efforts of Lorna (aka Mojo Maven). Her husband David provides photos & tech support. Lorna is a decent runner and strives to be a decent human being. She has been a successful educator in that her students managed to be motivated, insightful, knowledgeable and capable as biologists and mathematicians. Having worked in science, she's comfortable referring to herself in the third person! Having lectured in physiology, biochemistry and maths, I know quite a lot of the science of running and how to evaluate new scientific evidence, particularly in the field of health. Having trained with an ex-Olympian, a couple of other world class athletes and a coach who recognised that we're all always recovering from something, I also know a bit about training practice. I've never wanted to be the fastest, but I've enjoyed captaining/ teaching others to achieve and to feel better about themselves having met a challenge. I get depressed and anxious. Developing Mojo Running has been about trying to develop something that can help people like me manage their illness efficiently, effectively and positively by focusing upon balance and progress. A growth perspective underpins this - to live mustn't we grow, see that we've learned something, created something or improved something? However, sometimes before a growth phase we need to build reserves, evaluate the appropriate direction for growth and simply survive until we're ready again. Who is Mojo Running for? Hopefully, for all of us busy, imperfect runners and potential runners.

Where? It's all in a cloud somewhere, but we developers are based in Northern Ireland. For us this means an affinity with the soil and generous people of this green island, coupled with a refusal to be pigeonholed into national, religious or other wee boxes. Wherever you are, consider us there with you. 

When? "My Mojo" is here now and free for your first month of use.

I'm not exactly comfortable with this marketing lark, but please give "My Mojo" a try. If it helps you, let me know (& sign up for membership!). If it's not quite right for you & you're willing to share ideas for improvement let me know too. Email or tweet to @mojo_maven.