Men in Pink Hula Skirts

Actually maybe it was only one man in a long fringed pink hula skirt, most had tutus. Blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick was applied to at least one stubbly face. "Pretty'n Pink" charity tee shirts and fluorescent waistcoats completed their marshal ensembles. It was our annual women-only 5 mile race and the men were taking their support duties very seriously. A few look forward to the dressing up opportunity all year.

I'll admit to mixed feelings about women-only events. One of the huge attractions of running as a sport is that it's open to all regardless of gender, age, religion/cultural background or socio-economic status. A male-only race might be accused of being discriminatory, but we women seem able to get away with excluding the men. Except our menfolk don't exclude themselves. They turn up in drag, bundle kids into warm clothing, pull out their cameras and come along to cheer support. Women-only events seem to attract whole families. Children & husbands are on the road side cheering on wives & mums. Grandparents are there too, looking after the wee ones as their own offspring spend a little time meeting a new challenge & having some well earned fun with their girl friends. These events feel less competitive, more collaborative & celebratory.

Some famous faces (& legs) joined in. Congratulations everyone. 

Photos by Robert McGaughey.

Full race results of this Ballymena Belles 5 can be found here, courtesy of Ryan at NI Running


For all you kind people who asked how I was doing, the answer is fairly well despite daftly kicking in a big front door last Saturday. Not that I regret kicking in the door. It was on our derelict house/building site. The whole door frame gave way after a couple of kicks and it's one of the most satisfying things I've done in ages. My teenage nephews are rather envious. They want to join in crowbarring off skirting boards, architraves and window frames. Biologically, they may be right age for such enterprises. People with osteoporosis ought not to go around kicking in doors. That said, the few twinges I have seem just minor aggravations of the damage sustained in March's 10K. This week has been so busy that I've had neither time to run or go to the gym. Exercise has been limited to dog walks, weight lifting in the kitchen and site clearing. However, tonight I'm treating myself to a run around the forest.