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Want to find your mojo? To be a healthy, successful runner? To use running as a route to a healthier, happier you? Mojo Running Club can help.

Mojo Running Club isn't a traditional, nor even an online, athletics club. We're a resource for you. Somewhere reliable to visit for advice. We've thought hard about how personal training data can be displayed in a motivational, meaningful way that makes it about more than miles accrued. Mojo Running - MOre JOy RUNNING!

Mojo Running offers free MoJournal articles & training advice and low-cost membership to My Mojo - a running web app rather different to anything else out there.

My Mojo Dashboard provides an overview

My Mojo Dashboard provides an overview

My Mojo provides a personal timeline and log of training & health indicators:

  • adaptable to your specific needs/interests

  • will help you plan, record and evaluate training & performance

  • unique timeline view that helps you evaluate which training area may need attention:
    • "Run"

    • "Core" - strength and conditioning activities such as weights, yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy

    • "Aero" - other aerobic activities

  • monthly mileage 
    • runs viewed by pace (race, fast training and slow) or terrain
    • by activity - running, swimming, rowing, cycling and walking
  • PB records with % improvement and age grade analysis
  • at-a-glance patterns of heart health, mood, sleep etc
  • 'light touch' quick, simple data entry

    • health log 

    • training & performance log 

  • developed to aid positive physical and mental health. My Mojo helps you see your progress and may aid your identification of personal warning signs. Finding your (running) mojo, maintaining it and growing it is what we aim towards.

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