Training: What & Why?
Training: What & Why?

Running keeps me sane and is my vital escape from life's stresses. It makes me feel both free and better connected with nature, with humanity, with my own body and mind. I can't get this feeling from other sports or going to the gym, so it's taken me many years to finally accept that a good training programme involves more than running my favourite routes. Indeed the only training strategies which allow me to keep running are those that involve a variety of activities - some that can still be called running and some that are definitely "other". 

Why "train" rather than just run?

Reduction in injury frequency and duration

Better performance


What should be in a training programme?

The specifics of your training programme depend upon your current fitness, physiological profile, psychology, personal aspirations, time available away from other commitments and the resources available within your area. A personally tailored programme would factor in all these things, but any programme should provide opportunities to:

practise moving your legs and feet quickly!

increase the muscles' ability to release energy rapidly

build strength

develop flexibility

increase endurance